(Registered user) Log in and from your account dashboard click on the “My Events” tab on your left and click “Add Event” directly below it. 
(Unregistered user)
Simply click the “Post An Event” button located in our navigation menu.

Choose a package on the next page. You will be directed to the form page after choosing a package.

Fill in the necessary event details in the form provided, including the event description, title, location, and other required information, and click on “PREVIEW” at the bottom of the page.

Review the information on the next page and click on “Submit Listing” to submit your event or click “Edit Listing” at the top of the form if you need to change any details.

Submit your billing information on the next page when you click on “Submit Listing” and complete a checkout process to complete your event posting.

That’s it! We will review your event and upon approval it will be listed live on our site.

Your event banner must be in the 2:1 ratio (1600px X 800px); otherwise, it will be rejected. You can also upload your organization logo and we will post that in place of your event banner.

  • 2:1 ratio; similar to a tv screen is best way to describe, wider than it is taller
  • File Type: JPEG, BMP, PNG, or GIF work best.
  • File Size: Use images that are less than 8MB
If you are having problems uploading your image with the required size, feel free to contact us.

Yes. We offer have options to get your events looking great and attractive to more visitors.

We offer 2 options: 1) Our art dept will resize your existing event flyer to our specs or 2) We can create a custom template with your logo, organization colors and branding. Template will be updated with your event details each time you host a new event.

Please contact us at info@sportscord.com to discuss further.

People interested in your event can find your event using the find event filter provided on our homepage. 

The find event filter allows people to search events by using any of the following filters: keyword, event date, sport, event type, age/birth year, youth or adult, gender within distance of any location in the US.

These filters allow our visitors to be very specific in what they are looking for and give them highly relevant results.

Provided that there are no issues encountered upon review of your event submission, such as incorrect information or wrong image size, your event will be approved within 24 hours. 

Sportscord does not control event registrations. We are simply an event listing platform to promote your sports events. Each event does have a register button that will link you to the event registration or email address to contact about registrations.